Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Rumsfeld Resigns

On my youth ministry forum that I belong to, I got a little fire thrown at me with my initial comment about Rumsfeld. I will let you read two of my responses back. A lot of individuals thought I did it because I am not a Republican supporter .. that is not the case. Here are my two responses:

It has been brewing for a long time. When you have individuals in the field that are wanting you out, disagreeing with your stance and feeling like that you are not listening to those in the field and you do nothing ---- it is going to turn around and bite you.

Rumsfield had numerous opportunities to turn it around and give the impression that he was going to make a difference.

Also in response to not liking Republicans and only making remarks because he is a conservative republican .. here are my thoughts:

It has nothing to do with what he has behing his name. I could not care less if he is a republican, democrat, liberterian, independent, green party or ....

It is about that he has and has not done in my opinion with the war. To me, in all the races that I vote on, I never look at what they are .. I never vote with party lines.

I look at the issues and where they stand.

In office, once again, it is what you are doing. I would say the same thing to anyone ( about anyone ) who I feel is doing a terrible job.

I think Rumsfield has messed up. He has not only caused great pain to many serviceman/woman and families here but the people of Iraq and coalition forces standing beside us.

I am not a republican hater and I do not dislike the U.S. I think that we as a country though have screwed a few things up.

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