Thursday, November 09, 2006

Jim Webb Takes Virginia

Here are words from the News Story

Less than an hour after Virginia Republican Sen. George Allen conceded and the U.S. Senate was handed to the Democrats, Jim Webb addressed a cheering crowd.

Before he spoke, Webb waved a pair of combat boots in the air - a campaign trademark for the former Navy secretary whose Marine son is fighting in Iraq.

"We have a much stronger Democratic party...We're going to work hard to bring a sense of responsibility in our foreign policy that will, in my view, result in a diplomatic solution in Iraq," he said.

Here Are My Thought

Well, it is official. The Dems have taken control of the house and the senate. We will now see if there is a change. The Dems and the anti-rep crowd has had some harsh words ( deservably so ). Now it is time for them to mve / work and move us as a nation towards some solution>


Webb, that is some kind of face.

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