Monday, April 06, 2009

Spring Break Vacation 2009 Part 1

It is Spring Break Week. We decided to head back up north to Michigan and stay at the same "cottage" that we stayed at last year. Last week, we started to look at the 10-day forecast and saw that it was going to be cool with precipitation in the air. Well, when we got here last night (Sunday the 5th), we checked the weather - because we heard snow reports on the radio. The weather had actually stated a snow warning.

Last night, we went into town and had dinner at a local favorite - the New Port Restaraunt. We then went to WMSC to get groceries for the week. This morning, we woke up and the snow definitely came in. Here are the photos from the cottage (front and back view):

Today, has been very relaxing. I did not wake up till 9:30. I made some coffee. We had breakfast at 10 am and then we settled in for a game of LIFE. The game took 2 hours :) Here are the totals:

Daddy & Bethany: $ 1,645,000
Jacob: $ 1,355,000
Isaiah: $ 415,000

I am not sure what happened to Isaiah.

The rest of the day, a late bath and then lunch and then time to read a book and then more games with the kids. The kids are playing hide and seek right now; their laughs are histerical. The boys can never find Bethany.

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