Friday, April 17, 2009

It Has Been A Long Week

It has been a long week for this aging soul.

This weekend is going to be packed full and the weekend schedule is part of what has driven the long week. As each week in life ( I think ) shows, there has been some good and there has been some bad and unfortunately there has been a few spinkles of ugly.

I am thankful that this week came after a vacation week. In a sense that may sound odd. Because this week has "ripped" away some of the great feeling that I had coming back from vacation ...... however, I am not sure how well I would have survived if I was not entering into this week completely fresh.

Some "Highlights" From the Week

- Final Preparation for VBS Meeting
- Introduction for our Vacation Bible School
- Follow-Up on the meeting and plan action steps for the next 30 days
- Volunteering at Viola Free Medical Clinic
- Preparation for Sunday Morning Sermon ( preaching at all three services )
- Preparation for Family Sunday School
- Preparation for the Synod meeting ( this Sunday afternoon )
- Preparation for National Gathering meeting ( Sunday evening )
- Isaiah & Jacob had their Reach Out And Dance Performance
- Had 3 Jeff events on Thursday night - not good (not including kids sports)
- Parents in for 24 hours for a visit & see the kids performance

Those are just a few of them.

Today, I am putting the final touches on all 4 "events" that I am participating in on Sunday. During today, I will be checking on a video that I may use for Sunday morning's 9 am service - if that works, I may "alter" that sermon entirely - but I know what I will be doing; so I will not be completely behind the 8-ball in that area.

Finally, though, I have been dealing with frustrations with the "church". At times, it really confuses me.

- Why can't we be welcoming, loving and accepting to everyone ?
- Why do we make the "golden rule" so difficult
- Why do we have to "argue" about theological matters that don't matter

The list can go on. I may actually start throwing questions out to God on here and see what type of answers that I receive from my readers.

It is time to start the morning.


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