Wednesday, April 29, 2009

In Atlanta

I am currently sitting in a Hyatt Place Hotel in Alpharetta, Ga outside of Atlanta typing this post while watching Sports Center.

This morning, I left home at 6 am and we got into Atlanta (Duluth) at 6 pm. We registered and then waited around for the opening session at 7:30.

The opening session was good. The night could be summed up by two words: reconciliation and restoration. I will have more to say about it later when I have more time to think on the night.

We then made a phone order to the Cheesecake Factory and went in and picked it up. Dinner at 11:15 pm was not good - even though the food was good; that is why I can not sleep. I am hitting the bed for good in about 15 mins.

Tomorrow we are over at the convention center from 9 to 9.

My main emphasis tomorrow will be ministry to teens.

I have not seen anyone that I know, even though I know they are out there --- I just cannot find them in the midst of 4,000. Well, that is not true. I did see Sheila. She use to be the Big Stuf registration guru.

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