Thursday, April 30, 2009

Francis Chan & Nancy Beach

Today, I was fortunate enough to hear two great sermons today. This morning, I got to listen to Francis and thi afternoon, I heard from Nancy.


Francis gave (once again) a challenging sermon for us to truly be christian community and for us to truly live out in Acts way of life. He gave an illustration that made a challenge to me and I will be mulling it for awhile.

Later on, I will give full details on the message.


Friends, Nancy gave a great - maybe the best I have ever heard on women leadership in the church. Her voice and her message that she gave today is one that we as churches and Christians need to wrestle with.

I will also give more on this message when I get home.

So far, the Orange conference has been good. Tomorrow will be a good but long. We will have the convention from 9 am to 6 pm and then we will make a 12 hour drive.

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