Thursday, April 23, 2009

My Rock: John Delich

I have not really used Windows Movie. I have only used it once before today. I took a shot at it today and the work is below.

One of our options for music during VBS is to have singers up-front and they will use cd's as accompany. We will do this instead of musical instruments. We also may use the vocals on CD to help with the singing. Part of this is that, our children/students are not familiar with the songs. If we go that route, I thought - let us put pictures and words to the cd and make it into a movie format. We will use both pics that go with the song and then we will also use vbs themes - alternate it to mix it up. Well, the first one is pics that match the lyrics ----- or try to at least. I am not too good at this; I am still learning.

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