Monday, March 16, 2009

Where is Bindi ??

Bindi: Alive & Well

Bindi: In the Snake ...

The 10-foot long olive python with the enormously bulging tummy weighed 35lb. Usually it would weigh about 21lb, meaning that whatever it had swallowed weighed 14lb - roughly the size of poor little Bindi.

There is one more piece of compelling evidence. Since the snake showed up in Ms Buntine's back yard Bindi hasn't been seen.

'She didn't show up for her routine breakfast at 7am and because she was always there I got worried and went to look for her,' Ms Buntine told the Sunday Territorian newspaper. 'I went around the side of the house and that's when I found the snake. It couldn't move and had its head up in a striking position.
'Its belly was bulging - it looked like a great big coconut was inside it. I knew straight away that it had ate Bindi.

'I felt terrible - it's not very nice at all

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