Monday, March 09, 2009

Vocation, Listening & Compassionate Justice

Here is a little "recap" from a team meeting we had last night for our national gathering trip to NOLA this summer:

On March 8th, we had our National Gathering meeting and the focus of our lesson was on those three themes. We "zeroed" in on listening and then connected listening to vocation and compassionate justice.

I think that the conversation and the lesson that we went over was very good and we (as a group) are getting a great understanding of what to expet when we get to New Orleans. Preparation for the trip is very important.

I am going to share with you the "wrap-up" that we did last night for the recap portion of the night:


God's call that frees us to listen


Putting aside our preconceived outcomes to hear and comprehend the needs of others.

Compassionate Justice

Our response to the needs of others, discovered through listening and accomplished through the freedom of God's call.

Vocation, listening, and compassionate justice are three vital and beautifully interconnected pieces of our Christian life. They shape not only how we approach time in New Orleans, but also how we live out God's promises here at home.

These are three very important words and words that I believe that we need to have close to our heart, no matter where we are out and where we are serving.

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