Thursday, March 19, 2009

March Madness

It is here !

Over the next 4 days, they will go from 64 to 16 teams. I am looking forward to taking some time to watch the games. I will be watching majority of the games. I will be doing work while I am watching it. But, it is a time to take a few breaths and relax in the midst of business.

I have filled out a few brackets - 2. I have entered in a few free polls through yahoo and espn with fellow friends and youth ministers. For the fun of it, in one of them, I picked an all BIG EAST final four.

The first set of games are on, I am getting the LSU and Butler game. It is nothing too exciting, so while I am watching it, I am giving a blog post and then working on flyers for up-coming youth events. I made a post announcement (first post below) on the Rock & Roll Worship Show; I think we will try to go to it in Columbus; it is on a school night though ...OUCH

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