Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Global Food Crisis

Hunger Facts

- One person in seven• goes to bed hungry every day.
- One-third of the world’s population• is undernourished.
- There are 25,000 starvation-related deaths each day.
- Each night more than 300 million children go to bed hungry.
- Every day, over 12,000 children (one every 7 seconds) die from hunger-related causes.
- Approximately 146 million or 27 percent of children under age 5 in developing
countries are underweight.
- Nearly 17 percent of babies in developing countries are born with a low birth
weight compared with only
- 7 percent of babies in industrialized countries.
- More than 4.4 million children die from malnutrition each year.
- Worldwide, 161 million preschool children suffer chronic malnutrition.

Global Food Initiative

The global food crisis threatens the lives of millions and has been called a "silent tsunami," unleashing turmoil against the most vulnerable children. The Secretary-General of the UN calls it a "moral outrage" and estimates that as much as $40 billion a year is required for the next three to five years.

Compassion International exists as an advocate for children in poverty and works in some of the areas hardest hit by this crisis. We are providing solutions through local churches with nutritional provision and long-term strategies, such as agricultural education, training and tools, so that those consumed by this crisis have the opportunity to grow and prepare their own food.

We ask you to join us by donating so that our program staff will have the resources necessary to fight this global food crisis with success. Please give as you feel led today ... and thank you.

CI Food Hunger Site

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