Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Effective Youth & Family Ministry

I have been wanting to do a post series that has some "meaning" to me and hopefully others. I have been struggling with the topic. There are a few that are really close to my heart at the present time: adoption/foster care, ending poverty, state of our economy, theological difference, partnering churches to name a few.

However, the one that keeps coming to my mind is youth and family ministry. There are many different paths that I can take with this but this morning; I chose one. Here it is:

Effective Youth and Family Ministry in ELCA congregations is:

1. Discipleship
2. Baptismal
3. Rooted
4. Excellence
5. Welcoming
6. Cross Generational
7. Advocacy
8. Congregational
9. Connected
10. Partnership

Over the next few weeks, I am going to take a look at these 10 items and see how they play out in youth and family ministry. I obviously believe that these extend far outside the walls of the ELCA. However, with working in the ELCA and this being an ELCA document; I thought it would be a great place to brainstorm.

A new series, I hope that I will carve the time out to do this. I think that it will be very beneficial to me, the church that I serve and hopefully some of my readers.

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