Monday, February 02, 2009

New Orleans: Cafe Du Monde

One of the things that we knew that we wanted to experience when we were down in NOLA was Cafe Du Monde. Here is a little information from their web-page if you do not want to navigate away:

The cafe was established in 1862 in the French Quarter. It is a traditional coffee shop: coffee and beignets are about the only things that you can get there. You can also get oj, soft drinks and now iced coffee. However the coffee and beignet is the stable and for $4 for both, it is a must.

Here are a few pics from our trip:

The Cafe

The Bag & Beignets

Jeff Eating a Beignet

Stacey Ready To Eat A Beignet

Powdered Sugar Will Get On You (Stacey)


When we go down to NOLA this summer, I am thinking that this will be a must for our breakfast - everyday. A great way to start off the morning as a group on NOLA.



That pastry(however you pronounce it) looks good!

Jeff Greathouse said...

they were wonderful, I can't wait till July to have more.