Saturday, November 29, 2008

Turning In My WVU Fan Card

After the Colrado game, I stated that we should fire Coach Bill: Here

Today, I think that I am going to turn my WVU football fan card in.

Yeah, I know it is only sports. Yes, I know it is just one year.

But, man, this season has been pathetic. I really believe that it has to do with the new coaches. Maybe they have the "scheme" that will work for the future BUT they definitely did not use the talent that they have this season in the right way.

As I watched them struggle and then lose to Pitt, I was absolutely shocked and in disbelief at the play-calling. The play-calling was below average all game and the play calling on the 2 - 1st and Goal series that we had were just plain AWFUL.

We may end up with a .500 record this year. We could very easily lose vs. South Florida and then the bowl game. And to think that there were quiet whispers of a National Championship after we dismantled Oklahoma in the bowl game and had most of the fire-power back.

Now, who to root for to play in the National Championship game ?


Coffeepastor said...

I feel your pain, fully recognizing the irony of a Michigan fan saying that to a WVU fan.

Basically, take most of your post, and substitute UM for WVU, and almost every team UM played for Pitt. Toledo probably works best.

Jeff Greathouse said...

I "sucked" it up and wore my WVU sweatshirt today. It was tough though.