Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Our State: Ohio

Ohio did go to Obama and the Democrats. However, one of the thingsthat interest me is when you take a look at the county breakdowns. I may bore you with numerous states and I apologize but it is more for me to "remember" the election.

But, I think that it is a very interesting case study to take a look at the election and see the vast difference between the "urban" vote and the "rural" vote. Below is the state of Ohio:

In our "rural" county, the county went for McCain. Our county vote was 56 - 42%.

So, to those that tackle the issue, why do you think that the "urban" went to Obama and the Rural went to McCain ?


Doorman-Priest said...

Because Hicks are always conservative and don't like new-fangled ideas.

Jeff Greathouse said...

you put it nicely (in nice words), others use a little more harsher words