Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Jesus is in the Film Frame ....

Jesus is in every film frame ....

Numerous times in my life, I wish that I could have fast-forwarded life. As I look back, in particular, on the last 2 1/2 years, I would have loved to have the thumb on ff button and quickly move on. However, in life, we do not get that option. We must live through every frame of life.

We do not usually see Him though because we are not looking and we are consumed with what is occurring in our lives and are blinded. Most times, we may even be able to justify the blindness because the things that we are going through "are just not fair".

But, if we look back, we can see that He was there in every frame. Would it not be great if as we walked through life, we would recognize his face at every frame. If we could do that, it would make the journey a little more bearable and we may be a little less likely to press the ff button because we might miss something great and we may miss a very valuable lesson.

If I were honest, I know that I would have loved to press the ff button through numerous areas of my life in the recent past. however by doing so, I know that I would have missed out on a great deal. I try very hard and I think that I succeede most times in looking "for and at" the Divine in the daily moments, if we do not; we are going to miss out on a great deal and our hurt will be greater than it needs to be.

I am sorta reminded of the following icon:

God is No Where


God is Now Here

My challenge to me and my challenge to you is to recognize that God is now here. Our life is a "movie" and He is in every frame for us. Take comfort in that and has you go through life and the "kitchen sink" is being thrown at you; see God and grab a hold of him.


Doorman-Priest said...

Had to read it six times to get it. Dur!

Good post.

Jeff Greathouse said...

One out of about every one hundred and fifty, I come up with a good one.