Thursday, November 06, 2008

Browns, You Need A Defense

As a Steelers fan, I always love to see the Browns lose. However, I was rooting for Brady tonight and he did a good job. When Isaiah came in and asked who I was rooting for, I told him the Broncos in a close game with Quinn having a great game .. prophecy, I tell you.

The announcers I believe were giving Winslow a hard time. Yes, he did have the interference, a fumble and a dropped pass to end the game ... BUT ... he also had 10 catches, 111 uards and 2 TD's ...

Let's talk about the Defense. They blew the lead again. Their defensive backs can not cover and they can not tackle.

McDonald, your pass deflecting stat might look nice (3) but, man .. you got burnt.


Mork said...

this is true .. as one who does not understand your game I had no idea what you were posting about.


but I did read the post.

Jeff Greathouse said...

thanks for reading ... from my google analytic numbers from last week ... it seems i should write on politics