Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Walking Away from YMX

Yup, it is time. I have enjoyed my time in the forums but it is time for me to pack up my bags and move on. I have met a few great people on the boards. I will look forward to some of the communication on the blogs and at conventions where our paths may cross.

I have come to the conclusion that I am tired of dialogue and going in circles on certain subjects and butting heads with fellow Christians is just not worth it.

There have been a few topics lately that has spurred some debates and raised my blood pressure at times and I just can't / don't want to do it anymore. Issues on church, how to do you ministry, purpose of the church and etc are causing me to become fatique. Then there is the whole current events issues. I really only see eye-eye with a few people. Thus, I am going to remove my minor voice from the mix.

The latest threads on the church down the street (numbers), where to swim (deep or shallow) and what is the purpose of the church (few different threads) are the ones that have prompted this exit.

Once again, I thank you for the friendships. I thank you for challenging me. I thank you for showing me different perspectives ( though I have been where you are in most cases - so I do understand ).

May God continue to bless you (individuals) and your families and your ministries. God has called you for a specific ministry; may you reach that potential.

To YMX, thank-you for the vision and putting pieces together that came from the void of the YS forums. Besides the forums there are great things that you are doing and I hear there are many other things on your heart. May God bless you and may the ministry be fruitful. I will stop by the booth at NYWC.

Back to the Regular Schedule Program .... Whatever that means.


Dreaming again said...

you will remain in my prayers.

Jeff Greathouse said...


Thanks. I will be here if you need to find me.

travis said...

Wow....I hope this ordeal is not a burden on you spiritually. I know of those that have emotional scars from their ordeal! I pray that this will not go in that direction.

Jeff Greathouse said...


It will not go in that direction. I wanted to step away from it before it got to any point near that.

I had numerous disagreements but there was never much personal slams and those are where the scars can occur.

I will miss some of the conversations and the connections with them but they know where they can find me.

I will also be finding other avenues for "connection" and I am will be funnelling some of my forum time into writing.

Thanks for the concern. I found the quote I want to put on your blog.

travis said...

Thank you for the quote!

Dale Sheehy/Youth Minister said...

Jeff, thanks for dropping by my blog, come by anytime! I'll keep up with you here!


Jeff Greathouse said...


You are welcome. I will make some routine visits to see what is happening in your corner of the world.

I shall be here to keep in touch.

The Thief said...

While I found my life and my purpose drifting in a different direction from YMX, I also have friends who are there, so I still check in pretty much every day or so. But I don't go there to argue, to get ideas, to share stories, or even into the prayer request section anymore. I don't participate in the discussions I consider fruitless or aimless. All my posts are in Utherica these days, one of the only (if not the only) "community" threads that made its way from YS through the transition to YMX. I can completely see the reason in not being there anymore...

Jeff Greathouse said...

The Thief:

I never was connected / visited at Utherica - thus that is / was no attraction to me.

I can still be in contact with most of those who I care about through the blog - even though there are a few who I do not know their blogs.

Thanks for the comment. I look forward to the continuation of knowing you through the blogs.

For me, i went there to discuss issues, but I just can't anymore so the complete seperation needs to be there.

I can see the value for you checking in at the thread and you guys / gals sharing community.

Derek said...

Probably best if I refrain from comment. Do stay in touch, though.

Jeff Greathouse said...

I will stay in touch and if you want to comment off my blog and to my email - feel free.

I will be around on your blog and hope you will pop in here now and then.

'neice said...

I was going to say there are other areas of YMX...but you kinda covered that already!

Going to miss seeing you around.

Jeff Greathouse said...

Thanks Deneice.

I will stop by your blog more so we can keep in touch more.

Anonymous said...

Hey Jeff, I just posted on your what-to-do-while-the-wife's gone thread, and then went here to check out how things were. I'm so sorry that you're leaving. I enjoyed your conversations and perspective, although I also understand your aggravation. Wishing you the best and hope you'll reconsider, or at least stop by sometimes. julie

Jeff Greathouse said...


Thanks for your comment. I hope you swing by more. I will miss your thoughts and insights; they are/were fantastic and always challenged me.

Pastor Eldred said...


You and your family continue to be in my (and our church family's) prayers. I will miss your voice and suggestions on YMX. Blessings on you, brother.


Jeff Greathouse said...

Thanks Charlie. Hopefully, we will stay in touch via the blogs. I loved getting the op to know you a great deal back in G-Town from YS.

I also thank-you and all of YMX for keeping my family in your prayers the last 15 months.

I will swing by your blog to check in as well.

Angie said...

We'll miss you. I'll be continuing to hold your family in prayer. I hope that you'll check in with us from time to time, but I totally understand if you don't. Wishing you many blessings.

Cathy said...

Jeff, I just found this. Thanks for allowing us to pray and be with you through the journeys you have experienced in the past year or so. I'll miss you and your voice on the issues. You always made me think and consider my own views, which I was always grateful for. Cathy

Jeff Greathouse said...


Thanks so much for the prayers. I can not tell you how much they have meant to me over the last 15 months. I may ( later date ) check in with you guys - I do not know. However, I will check in via the blog.


Thanks for the prayers and note. I wish you the best and that some day people will listen to your voice and allow youto lead.