Friday, September 07, 2007

Suspect in Madeline's Death

The story has come and gone over the last month (has been ongoing over 4 months)and there looks to be some breaking news. I have given a little info below .. nothing is obviously confirmed but they dod have a "suspect" ... MOM

the story from cnn

Police on Friday named Madeleine McCann's mother Kate a suspect in her disappearance, and said the girl's blood was found in a vehicle the family rented 25 days after reporting her disappearance, according to a family spokeswoman.

Kate McCann arrives at the police station in Portimao on Friday for further questioning.Madeleine McCann's blood was found in a car her parents rented 25 days after they reported her disappearance, Justine McGuiness told CNN.

Kate McCann was seen going into the police headquarters in Portimao, a town in Portugal's Algarve region, on Friday morning. She was questioned for almost 11 hours the day before, and left looking visibly shaken and drained, according to CNN's Paula Hancocks.

Portuguese authorities made no public statement on the latest developments.

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