Saturday, September 15, 2007

Hello .. My Name Is ...

Jeff Greathouse and I am a Soccer Dad ...

Well, to be honest, I am soccer dad x3

I can not believe those words are coming from my mouth or my fingers as I type. I would have never dreamnt of being a soccer dad. Now, all three of my kids are in soccer and today ..... we watched 3 games.

Bethany had a soccer whiz on her team. She was amazing. I think she scored 17 goals and that is really no exagerration.

The boys are on the same team and they played a double-header. They lost their first game 9-6. The second game was a tie 4-4. Jacob had a ball running around and laughing. Isaiah was his aggressive self and was taking people out left and right trying to get the ball.

More soccer news as the season develops.

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The Thief said...

I'm going to go nuts when I'm a soccer dad - as I have played for the last 27 years (and at a pretty high level, too). I'm just going to have to work on not being the "know-it-all" parent who "knows more than the coach" but isn't willing to coach the team ;-)