Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Looking For A Vehicle

I think that I am on the search for a car. It will not be anything fansay and it will be very cheap but it will be a car or a truck.

If you know of anyone who is departing with a reliable car, let me know. I may be interested. Wether it be in Indiana or Ohio. With taxes and license and us moving, it may be wiser for Ohio.

We have been doing 1 car for the last 3 months but with our move and Stacey doing better health wise and able and willing to drive - a second car will be a blessing and very helpful.


The Thief said...

A good problem to have - her health being good enough to drive...

You guys are still in my prayers, now for a smooth and healthy transition.

Jeff Greathouse said...

Yes, it is a problem. I saw a Beretta today that I may want -
$ 1200. I will have to see what type of condition it is in.

Jeff Greathouse said...

Opppps, I meant to agree with you, yes, it is a good problem to have :)