Sunday, June 24, 2007

The Hospital Options

Well, we are back from another weekend outing. I will post those in consecutive blog posts tonight / tomorrow. Many individuals through the blog and emails have asked what the hospitals said. They did not say anything that was great news.

Option # 1 - 3 monthly payments of $ 5,200. wwll, consindering that I do not make that much money a month .... that option will not work.

Option # 2 - In-house payment. they are considering us - not to have insurance since they paid so little - thus we could spread the payment out and pay $ 1300 a month for 12 months. Ummmm, that option will not work.

Option # 3 - Work with their credit union and get a loan and pay it off in 60 months with a payment of $ 317.16

So, there you go ( the options ). I think we are going to pick none of the above and see what happens.


Dreaming again said...

Good gravy!

It is absolutely absurd!

My prayers are with you.

Jeff Greathouse said...


We will make it .. someway .. somehow.

Inkling said...

Option #4....sue the pants off the horrid church and each member of the SPRC committee.

Inkling said...

Option #5....give the hospital a change of name and address....

Name.....SPRC Committee & Jim
Address.....the church