Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Cross America Speaks ...

Cross America is the health plan that my wife has until June 30. We will be so thankful when we are done with this insurance and we will be with Aetna and the ELCA insurance plan.

We were only suppose to be with Cross America till December 31 and then we were going to move on to North Indiana Conference insurance ( as our employee handbook states ), However, the church ( of SPRC ) decided not to make the move to the conference insurance.

It is extremely ironic that they believe they met their commitment to us even though they are not doing what is stated and required in the employee handbook. hOWEVER, that is not what the post it is about.

After 2 1/2 months, we finally received word from them what they will be paying for surgery 1 & 2. The cost listed below is through the hospitals. The charges were $ 17,893.49. Our wonderful insurance paid $ 2,000. Thus, the patient responsibility (that is us) is $ 15,893.49

Wow, thanks alot insurance company. That really helps.

My second ironic thing about that is that we would be better off if we did not have insurance because we have paid more than $ 2,000 in insurance premiums to them. I knew the insurance was bad but that is terrible.

So, our debt will be going up, up, up and up. I am not sure what we would be paying if we were with NIC but I do know what we would be paying with our new insurance and let me say, I can not wait to have them in our corner.

If we knew that the church would not have followed through with their group insurance promise, we would not have left Discovery and came to the church here. However, as I have tried to stay positive with everything over this nightmare over the last 5 months, here are two positives:

1. I have met some tremendous individuals in lafayette and my love for them ran deep even though it was / has been a short time.

2. I am beginning a new stage of life with a FANTASTIC church and we would have never connected if I did not come here and had the insurance fall through.

So, tomorrow, I am off to the hospitals and going to financial counseling at the hospitals and see if they can give some discounts and set up payment schedules.


Dreaming again said...

Don is still in the hospital ...and his bills are already starting to come in.

Isn't that special?

Heaven said...

Smart Guy know that I am praying for you and your family. I wish I had the money tree out back to give you. Hope that the hospitals and doctors are understanding of your situation and will work well with you to get things resolved.

I miss you guys.

Jeff Greathouse said...

Dreaming Again:

Your family is in my prayers. Your situation is just horrible. Hopefully, everything will work out for you.


Thanks for the words. We miss you as well and everyone at the church. Especially with phone calls like I received last night.

In the end, I am sure everything will work out.

Heaven said...

I am assuming you are referring to the meeting that happened last night? I was unable to go as my kids had other obligations and mom's taxi and grandma's taxi was on the run again. I am interested in hearing what happened. I know Dan H was very upset on Sunday and passionate about people being there.

Jeff Greathouse said...

No, I did not know that a meeting occurred last night.

I received a phone call from a parent who is having some difficult family time and needed an ear and they turned to me.

Now, I am interested about the meeting ..

Heaven said...

Supposedly there was an SPRC meeting last night and they were trying to get as many youth parents and youth there as possible to voice our concerns about the situation and what they are wanting to do with that position.

Marianne said...

Hey there Smart guy-
Missing ya.. I would love to visit with you and the family before you leave... Talk to you soon.. love ya man

Jeff Greathouse said...


We are in town all next week Monday - Friday packing away. Give us a call or stop by.

To All:

News from hospitals were not very good or helpful.

Dreaming again said...

What is the news from the hospital?

Don's bill that we got was $57,000 +

that was just the first round for the first few days, and does not include the ICU stay ... I can't even imagine what it's going to be when all is said and done.

It used to be that if you had Medicare/Medicaid, all was covered. As of March 2007, that is no longer true. I'm a little nervous because we'll have no idea what will and will not be covered in the long run ...it may be all, it may leave a gap ... it may just be a small amount. Only time will tell.

Inkling said...

Shidamselluck. I really can't believe the idiocy of this situation. Jim and the SPRC people should really be worried about that whole portion of Scripture that talks about higher accountability for leaders.

Amy Harden said...

holy sh!t...

For what it's worth, if I had loads of money stashed away and could help with those bills, I would.

I know it doesn't really help, but I really wish it did.

Jeff Greathouse said...

The options were horrendous. I will speak of it when I get back from Alive and the Chicken B-BQ on Sunday.

Love you All

E. Rose said...

We love you man! are prayers are with you!