Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Survivor: Church

Over the last few weeks, I have ran across a few ym's and a few churches who are really struggling and the staff, committees and folks in the church are really at each other throats.

Some individuals would quickly argue that is what is occurring where I am at (or was at). So, it got me thinking about the reality tv - survivor. I use to watch survivor - especially when we were Kentucky - haven't watched much of it lately.

But the similarities at times can be frightening. Do you really know the individual that you are talking to ? Can you trust what they are saying ? Are they feeding you a line ? Are they really on your team ? Are they trying to use you as a pawn ? Are you doing a favor for someone so they will be obligated to return the favor ?

The list can go on.

Some will argue that that is how people are. It has been done since the beginning - look at Jesus disciples .. they were with Him and acted that way ... what can we expect. We are only human .. seperated.

I got to tell you, I think that is bad theology. I think is bad analogies and comparisons. We as individuals have really messed up. We screw church up. It really is simple. I know that I fail at times - some may say a lot ... but as of today .. i am going to take the challenge to do another tv show ... Simple Life: Jesus

Be in Relationship. Love God. Love Others.

Are those 7 words really that difficult for people to live and for the people to carry out. The church should / would / could be individuals all doing life together with these 7 simple words.

Do not tell me that it is not possible - our God is big and He wants to live in and through you. We can do these 7 words .. are you up for the challenge of your life ?

Let's live out these 7 words.

Agree / Disagree


Amy Harden said...

I'm pissed and disappointed in my church family. I'm sad that certain persons believe this is appropriate behavior for them. I'm hurt that a brotherhood/sisterhood that I am a member of, has chosen to hurt a brother.

So in other words... I agree.

Marianne said...

Hey man... I am thinking about you today... sending you my love..

Dreaming again said...

praying for you and your family while you're at camp ... when you get back ... if we can catch each other on line ... I'd like to talk to you on instant message if you have it.

my IM ID's are on YMX.

I'm needing some wise counsel ... and I'm thinking ... you just may be the go to guy.

Angie said...

hey boo. love the post. God rocks! hope Bigstuf was the bomb...i know it will be.