Saturday, May 05, 2007

Mankind's Prayer

This weekend, I was in doctors and hospitals with my wife. She had her 3rd surgery in 5 weeks. It has been a very long month +. I am physically drained and at times, I throw my hands up in the air. I really do not know what to do at times.

So, I am in the waiting room, hospital room and the what-ever-room they call it quite frequently and I have been reading feverently. I came across the following prayer and it spoke to me:

So close in thought I wish to be
With someone who can hear
My heart's sad cry, its silent weep,
Caused from deep despair, I fear
For life is often so hard to take,
It deals such a painful blow,
Then no one is there with whom to share,
no one wants to know.
For everyone has their problems too,
Enough gloom and despair of their own.
They have no time for me to share
My thoughts I so want known.
I pray the day will quickly come,
The day when I will see
The person who will always listen,
And with all their heart love me

1 comment:

Inkling said...

That sure sums it up. Thank you for sharing your honesty, your authenticity, and for fighting with all your might for your family. I'm sorry you are going through this crazy situation. Makes me wonder what God thinks about some of His kids - doing their own thing and not giving a flying leap about each other. I'm glad you are one of His kids who daily shows how to give a "flying leap" about someone else, and that you are able to be loving even when there's every reason to hate. You've been an example to me. I'm glad to know my best friend is safe with you.