Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Changes Are Coming ???

What is The Buzz ??

For me, it may be the changes that I may attempt to change in the student ministry. There are going to be numerous changes that may be occurring when the new school year comes around.

I am bolding may because I do not want individuals that read this to state it as a FACT. One of the things that I have always been concerned about is the "transitional" years. For us in ministry, I think that there are two particular grades that are tough. They are grades 6 & 9.

So, one of the changes that we are looking at is using these grades as transitional stages in our ministry. What does this mean ? Well for me / us, I think that it will mean that at both level these students will have one foot in each department.

How will this work ? I am not sure ... I have not seen many ( really any ) that have attempted this so I am treading unchartered water. I am sure there are ... I just have not witnessed and read about it. At the present time, I can not reveal my thoughts / plans. I want to present them to my leaders ( March 12 )and Parents Committee Meeting ( March 19 ). This will be interesting though ...

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