Wednesday, March 14, 2007

5th & 6th Grade Ministry

Our student ministry name is The Journey. We believe that each one of us is on a journey and we are all at different stages, but yet we are still journeying through life together. We are about to launch ( less than 3 months ) a new ministry called Route 56 - not too original I know - but it works - especially with our theme.

I am looking forward to this ministry. It is going to be a transitional time for our students. One of the great things for us is that this is going to be a joint effort between the children's ministry and the student's ministry. Also, the sixth graders will also still be able to be part of the middle school sunday afternoon/evening ministry.

We will essentially have 4 components of our ministry. We will have the following:

- Sunday School
- Last Friday ( event on the last Friday of each month )
- Quarterly Event
- Summer Trip

The Last Friday event will rotate between a service project and a fellowship event. The quarterly events will be geared for big fellowship outings. The summer trip may be a pre-teen mission trip that will kick off the new Route 56 ministry.

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