Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Through Hands

In a recent article that I read, I came across this statement:

The fastest way to a person’s heart is through their hands.
When I look back at ministry and where I have seen growth in our students, I would absolutely agree with that statement. The article continues with this statement:

It’s serving that ignites a passion in the hearts of people. It’s what moves faith from the pages of Scripture and makes it real.
I think that many of us would agree with this, yet we continue to pour most of our time and commitment into worship., small groups, bible studies and educational opportunities. Now, do not get me wrong or the article; these are good things and help ignite growth but service is vital.

This ties back into Sticky Faith: service (mission) helps faith stick.

One of the points that I try to keep sharing is that we are part of God's story. We are not isolated, we are part of the story. The story is one of restoration and redemption. Part of the story is serving and participating. The article continues with the following statement:

By not providing opportunities for students to engage in serving within our churches regularly, we potentially rob them of the most life changing opportunity we have as followers of Jesus, being a part of God’s story.
You can read the full article: Heart Change Through Hands Not Heads

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