Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Involvment in the Community

On Sunday night, I was watching the Secret Millionaire. I cannot remember the name of the individual, but he was a business consultant in Chicago-land.

The episode was really good and he blessed three great individuals/organizations.

He had two statements that stood out to me and one that I have been chewing on hard.

1. He went 40 miles from his home but commented that it could have been 40,000 (stark difference)
2. After a few days of serving: he felt part of the community

When I think back between Ohio / Indiana, I think that is where the BIG difference lies.

When we lived in Ohio, we were so much more involved in serving in the community and really connected to the town. That has not occurred much in Indiana. I think that alot of it does have to do with dempgraphics, where we live (neighborhood) and a whole bunch more.

But, from Wooster, I can tell you that when you live, serve and volunteer in the community that there is a great connection. I still remember Meals on Wheels, Bridges out of poverty, Salvation Army, Viola Free Medical Clinic and more .... loved serving/connecting with them.

Just thinking about the importance of connecting, loving and serving where you are at ....

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