Monday, July 30, 2012

Chemotherapy for Bee

I put this picture up on facebook yesterday with the following introduction:

Dear Tumors: She may look cute and innocent but she is rotten & strong and she is going to kick your butt over the next 70 weeks.
More in formation coming later in the week when I get back from my interview. But this is what I put on facebook on Friday after we met with the oncology department on Thursday:

Yesterday was a day that I had dreaded for awhile. In a sense, it felt like a nightmare that you knew was true but hoping it was not or that it would be diverted that was coming into reality at the present moment. We sat in the doctors office and heard the news about Bee's tumor on/near her brain stem and that now is the time for chemo. So, my brave little Bee will begin 70 (yes 70) weeks of chemo very soon. Thank you God for my exceptional daughter and thank-you for creating individuals who are talented beyond imagination that will be treating my daughter.

The journey begins soon.

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