Sunday, July 01, 2012

Quick Trip to South Carolina

Wednesday night, I worked the night shift and after the night shift, I drove to the airport. I flew out to South Carolina via Baltimore. When I arrived in South Carolina, I was given a quick tour of the town and went to the church for a brief tour of the church building and then the interview. I really enjoyed the interview as it was more about stories. After the interview, I had dinner with the senior pastor and his wife and we talked about life and a little ministry.

I then retired for the night because I was going to have to get up at 4 am to fly back to Indianapolis. I received a phone call from Southwest at 3:55 to tell me that my flight was cancelled (weather-Chicago) and I needed to rebook. I was able to grab a 2 pm afternoon flight. The "delay" was beneficial because I was able to spend a few more hours in the town and looked at a few houses (drive by).

I got back into Indianapolis at 8pm. Then made a quick drive to see my wife and daughter for 45 minutes before heading back out for the next night shift.

The ministry position is an interesting position and I think that we could be a good fit. Now, it is a wait and see game as I wait to hear from Minnesota, South Carolina and North Carolina. I also have three interviews set for the next nine days.

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