Friday, June 08, 2012

Homosexuality: God's Grace

This past week, the topic of homosexuality has been everywhere I have turned on my online sites. From Facebook status in my news feed, to Facebook group conversation,  and my youth ministry forum that I am part of. It continues to be a hot issue and an issue that is divisive.

I am probably too vocal and push it too far and maybe even play the devil's advocate to some extreme cases at times, but I do so and will probably continue to do so, so individuals can think and wrestle with their thoughts.

Part of me is still hurting because of Christ The Savior. I saw how this issue divided the church and how individuals who loved each other and worshiped together and served together decided in the end that we could not do it any longer because some viewed it as a sin and some viewed it as not a sin.

It is definitely not easy. For those who believe it is a sin, they feel that they must be vocal and stand up for it because they must stay true to the Scripture and to the Truth and not back down or be "soft". For those who believe that it is not a sin (and there are individuals who believe that it is not a sin and have come to that conclusion through reading Scripture, looking at word origins and praying), they feel like they are outcast and not 'biblical" enough and their voice will not be heard. The "conservative" then would not allow the "liberal" to speak because it is anti-scripture. It is scary but at times, I wish we had "open-spaces" where we could have Scripture read and we could be open, honest and raw and all voices could be heard on where we stand and how we got there and wrestle with the issue.

I, personally, love the "big umbrella" approach so as many diverse thoughts as possible could still be together and we can continue to love God, love one another and worship and serve together ---- no matter what are views are. Scary though, right ?

So, onto God's grace. God's grace in this story is not about homosexuality. It is about those outside of the walls of the church. It is my fear that there are individuals who will not hear about God's grace because of the fighting inside the walls of the church. Those outside need to hear about his Grace, they need to hear about the story of restoration and redemption and that they are part of HIS bigger story. But, it may not happen because of the in-fighting and the in-fighting extends way beyond homosexuality; that is just the hot-button.

I have friends on all sides. It is a sin. It is a sin that is worst than most. It is not a sin. It is a sin but we all sin.

I just hope that we can make sure that we do not hamper extending God's grace.

Should I hit publish ???

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