Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Indianapolis Indians & Children International

This morning, I went to downtown Indianapolis and went to Victory Field. I had a meeting with a Sponsorship Sales Executives team member. I think that the meeting went well. I am not sure what exactly will come of it but I went down there to share with them a little bit about Children International and if there will be an opportunity that we can partner with one another.

Thus, I may be able to get information into the hands of individuals attending the ball game about child-sponsorship. Later next week, we will be back in communication to see what might be on the table. It may be as simple as passing out brochures at the gate about CI. It may be setting up a booth and having individuals see the children that are available for sponsorship. We also may partner with them and the other organizations for their faith night in August.

We may still be here at that time, so I may be there or I will pass it off to someone else. But, it was good going in and getting a foot in the door and letting them know about CI.

For baseball fans, at Faith night, Andre Dawson will be speaking.

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