Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Am I Invisible ?

Since I resigned from Christ The Savior, I have attended seven different churches. I believe that we have found our "home church" till we find our next step in ministry. However, it was an interesting experience visiting churches and I have thought about continuing the experiment. One of the reasons that I have thought about continuing the experiment is because the church that may be our home church has a Saturday night service. So, we can attend there as a family and on Sunday's, I can explore and do "research".

There was one Sunday in particular that was interesting. I went to three services at three different locations. I went to an 8:30, 10 and a 11:30 service. I am not going to name or oust the 10am service but when i went there, I must have been invisible. Now, let me tell you, I think that they knew i was there though. It was a smaller church (under 100), so it was not like I was hiding in the crowd.

No one greeted me at the door.

I stood in the gathering space wondering around, no one approached.

Ah, the coffee bar with folks 'working'. I went over there and struggle to get coffee, trying to make it known that I needed help. Not a word. Hmmmm, I will go into the "worship space".

No one there to say hi to me.

I sat down (10 minutes before service) and not a soul.

Ahhh greeting time, here it goes. Wow, did they greet and it was a long greeting time. However, I was not the one being greeted. If you are one of them, it is a loving place. I am just not sure how to become one of them.

Service was great, worship was excellent, sermon was relevant; it was just cold.

Lights back on, I exit and not a word. I don't even recall a smile or a head nod.

Nope, this is not the "home church".


Anonymous said...

If you ever have reason tobe in the Iowa city area I'd love to have you stop by Coralville Umc and let us know how we do in the welcoming department. As a pastor myself when i travel I make a point to be the strange visitor. It's quite the education.

Thoughts From Jeff said...


Maybe, I will do that sometime. I may have the 13th available. Will have to see how my phone calls, conversations and interviewing plays out. But, I would love to check the area out and your church.