Saturday, April 07, 2012


Recently, I retook my personality profile. As I am looking for a new ministry and working on some of my life plans, I thought that it would be a good idea. My results, I am an ESTJ. This is a slight change from 10 years ago when I was an ENTJ. The slight change as occurred (in my opinion) due to life circumstances and ministry positions that I have held over the last five years.

The quick summary: Fact-minded practical ORGANIZERS; assertive, analytical, systematic; push to get things done and working smoothly and efficiently. Having extraverted THINKING as their strongest mental process, they are at their best when they can take charge and set things in logical order.

Some things we value:

- results, doing, acting
- deciding quickly and logically
- task focused behavior
- categorizing aspects of life

That is a quick snapshot of an ESTJ and who I am. It is also interesting reading/researching the INFP which is the direct opposite of me. The direct opposite of me shows where my weaknessness lies.

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