Thursday, March 15, 2012

Returning ......

I believe that I am returning to this blog. I have been gone for awhile but it is time to get back to writing here. I am not sure how much time that I will have to devote to it, but I am going to give it a try. Alot has happened since I departed.

I have resigned from my ministry position at Christ The Savior. I am currently working three part-time "secular" jobs. I am working night shift at Marsh (a grocery store) as a night stocker. I am working at Metro Plastic as a machine operator. Then recently, I have partnered with Children International. They do child sponsorship's in 11 countries and I try to match kids and donors. If you would be willing to partner with me/them; let me know. Your gift of $25 a month will do amazing things.

I am also interviewing for various ministry positions across the country. I am not sure where we will land. Also, I am now able to visit numerous churches. I visited 3 last Sunday. It is definitely interesting to see how everyone "does church".

So, in the up-coming weeks, I will share about Child International, my job search, church experiences and life in this transition time.


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