Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Partnering With Others

This past weekend was a "ministry weekend" for our student ministry at the church. On the 3rd Saturday and the 3rd Sunday of each month, we partner with an organization in Indianapolis. On Saturday, we partner with Wheeler. We actually partner with them in three areas. But, On the 3rd Saturday, we go to the Women & Children Shelter and host a Recreational Night. On the 3rd Sunday, we go to MMUTB and serve a meal for the homeless. Below is a link to each ministry and a small write up about our experiences this weekend.

Wheeler Mission Ministries

We took 16 students and 4 adults down to the shelter. This was our first time to go down there and "host" a Recreation Night. Thus, we did not really know what to expect. For most of us, it was "better" than we thought. We took down a movie and snacks as the "background" for the night. We also took down many board games and decks of cards. There were probably 25 women and 15-20 kids who were down there at some point. Some relationships were built and our students did a great job playing with the kids and numerous of them connected with the women as they played card games and board games; it was great to see.

Meet Me Under The Bridge

This was our third time to be down at MMUTB. Our church family did a great job bringing in crock pots, food and supplies. We had a kitchen crew who cooked the meals and also prepared take away food for them. We had 12 students and 5 adults who went down - set up the meal and served it. There were many more there this week than in the past. We served approximatively 130 individuals.

It is great helping out and serving. Also, for me, it is great not to "re-invent" the wheel. Instead, we are watching and seeing where God is working through existing organizations and helping them by providing resources and people. I really think that we need to partner with each other more.

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