Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Building Renovation & Human Sexuality

Now, those are two interesting themes especially when they are put together.

Yesterday, I was driving back from Wooster to Indianapolis and I was thinking about the past 18 months and these are the two phrases that came to my mind. It made me a little sad and frustrated that these two words popped into my head. But, they came into my head because that is what I think of when I think of the last 18 months of ministry.

do not take that the wrong way. There are many great things that have and are occurring at both Zion & Christ Lutheran but these seem to be the "dominant" conversation pieces over the last 18 months of ministry. Building Renovation at Zion and Human Sexuality at Christ.

Maybe those conversations needed to be "dominant" to move into the next stage of ministry life. It is my hope and prayer that 18 months from now that there will be different words that come to my head.

Zion in Wooster has a great opportunity to reach/serve the downtown community. I hope and pray that they can/will continue serving meals and running a food pantry. There are many other areas where they could make an impact ----- including partnering with Cornerstone Elementary.

At Christ, we have unbelievable talent in many areas and fantastic resources that we can tap into. We have the capability of strengthening our families dynamics and because of the resources that we have and the passion folks have for mission, we can make an impact in downtown Indianapolis. There are many things that I would like to see us do and expand.

Maybe, I should not put this out there, but as I made the drive and was thinking of ministry in two areas that I really feel connected to, this is what came to my mind.

More Later ....

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