Friday, January 07, 2011

Bethany: Up & Moving

On Wednesday, Bethany went to her post-surgery appointment with her surgeon. She walked into the appointment with her walker. The appointment went excellent. The surgeon gave a great report. He also showed us the before/after xrays of the back. I wish that I would have taken a pic of them with my phone. The difference in the curve is unbelievable and there is no wonder why she is 1.5 - 2 inches taller post-surgery.

He also gave her the news that she did not need to use the walker if she did not want to. So, when she came home, she walked all over the house w/o the walker. She will still use the walker for awhile in "crowded" places. The walker will be more of a "buffer" for her.

Yesterday, she took the walker out and about as a "buffer" as she went to the children's museum. It is great to see her up and going. Soon, she will be making trips to the Y for swimming. She is limited in some things that she can do but swimming is one item that she can do.

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