Monday, November 16, 2009

SNL Twist

There is a twist that is occurring within Sunday Night Live. Those who have been connected with Zion our not coming and those without Zion connections are coming.

The positive spin is that this ministry is becoming an "outreach" ministry. However, the "negative" spin is that those connected with Zion are not coming to the ministry. Thus, we are creating a "divide" in a sense.

For an illustration, here are 4 evaluations from last week that stood out to me.

1. We had 24 children that were there that were in the preschool - 6th grade age range. Out of that 21 DID NOT attend church on Sunday morning. This means that we only had 3 that attended both. And no, it is not a coincidence that I have 3 kids. So, yes, my kids are the only ones who attended both.

2. If you include the youth, the numbers are 24 out of 31 did not attend church or there were 7 individuals who attended both.

3. Our adult (parent numbers) have dropped significantly over the past 4 weeks. This past Sunday, we had 5 adults in class. 0 of them attended church on Sunday morning.

4. Our children and youth numbers have remained steady while the total numbers have shown "significant" decline.

I am going to examine and contemplating this a little more. At the present time, I am thanking God that we are reaching out to those who are not "connected" at Zion and our Sunday night group is "becoming church" for those without church. Now, there will have to be some theological issues to unpack in that .....

We will also have to think about and journey what we are going to do / if anything / about those who are coming Sunday morning but are not coming back on Sunday night but want some CE for their kids.

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