Thursday, November 12, 2009

Kasie Kelly to OSU

Kasie, a Wooster high school student and softball player will not play her senior year at Wooster. She is headed to college (Ohio State). She will graduate a semster early and enroll into OSU and begin her career. We see football players do this after they finish their senior year of football and get there to do spring ball. You do not see this often in softball. Matter of fact, this is the first time it has occurred at OSU.

Here record may not be great but look at her ERA and strike-outs as a junior last year. It highlights her amazing game against Lexington and then her whole junior year. Here they are:

The rocket-armed righthander struck out a state record 44 hitters in 19 innings pitched against Lexington last spring, but Wooster lost the game 1-0. She didn't get much run support overall in finishing with a 10-8 record despite logging a 0.65 ERA and an area-best 271 strikeouts in 129 innings pitched.


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