Monday, November 02, 2009

Faithful Health Care Reform

I am going to be sharing our personal story at an event called:

Faithful Health Care Reform: A Social Justice Response to the Present Crisis

The event is going to be next Monday, November 9th.

I am a little worried and concerned about making the presentation and sharing the story. Health Care & Health Insurance is a very politically charged issue at the present time and there are folks all across the board on the issue and obviously serving in/with/for a church ------- there are many that will disagree with me.

I do know this though: In My Opinion, something needs to be done about our current situation and I believe that the title (sub) is correct: there is a crisis.

Our family has lived on both sides of the coin: health insurance and no health insurance and let me tell you, it is no fun living on the side w/o health insurance.

To me, I am grateful for what we have, but it is so unjust to the privileged that we have just because I have a card in my back pocket.


Doorman-Priest said...

How is Stacey?

Thoughts From Jeff said...


Stacey is doing well. She had another out-patient surgery on Thursday. She has once again recovered nicely.

She has a few appointments ahead of her and maybe we will know a little more after that. Thank-you for asking.