Monday, October 19, 2009

Captive Free @ SNL

Yesterday, we had Captive Free at Sunday Night Live. Overall, it was a very good evening. There were a few children that were a little disappointed that we were not on our normal night. But, overall, the kids enjoyed the silly songs, the puppets and the story times that they provided. Here is a pic of them:

They have been together for a month and will remain together for a 11 more traveling the east lakes region. One of them is staying with us and Bethany was right next to her talking her ear off. They have the "day off" so they are staying in Woo today and staying with us and then departing in the morning (Tues). The others are in host homes as well - in groups - the 2 boys and the 2 girls. Hopefully all is well with them.

Tonight is council meeting and I am not sure if I am looking forward to it. I guess the one thing about meetings are that they come - no matter if you are ready or not - or if you are looking forward to them or not .....

Maybe I will share a little more about that but I am not sure how much that I can. I may need to be a little cautious, as I try to stay positive.

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