Wednesday, April 25, 2007

The Solution ??

Humira may be the solution for my wife. I have contacted the drug company and am filling out paper work along with the surgeon in the up-coming week to see if we can get a discount for the drug.

My wife is not too thrilled about the shot, but I think that she will be able to give herself the shot. From information that I have read, this drug at times work much better than Remicade - however with everything in life - each individual and each situation is a little different.

I just got off the phone with the pharmacy to see how much money it is going to cost us. It is a little cheaper than I thought but it is still expensive. The initial month is the most expensive ( more doseages ). The you go into "maintenance mode. The first month prescription is $ 4,307.25 and the monthly maintenance dose is $1,435.75. If my caluclations are right, that means the following:

Year 1 - $ 20,100.50
Year 2 - $ 17,229.00

We will need to see if the specialtist believes that this could do the trick and then we will try to work some magic and get her on the drug.


Dreaming again said...

Humeria is a shot??????????????

Ok my rheumy needs to get a grip!

He told me to think about it. I'm on Cellcept (a little more expensive ...$2000 a month)

Highly effective for the myasthenia gravis but not doing much for the lupus ...

Humeria hasn't been used in lupus long, in fact, originally it said it would not be used in Lupus, but I'm getting joint damage with the lupus he said he wanted me to consider it "besides, it's cheaper than Cellcept, therefore easier to get insurance approval"

BUT IT'S A SHOT!!!! I don't think so!!

Cellcept is pills ... 4 huge horse pills a day.

Thank you ...we can find something else for the lupus.

Shots ain't a happening!

(unless my spleen keeps enlarging, I may loose my argument)

Jeff Greathouse said...

There seems to be a "pen" as well. That may not be "as bad"

Farm Wife said...

Yikes! Well, all I can say is if Grace needs it, God can provide it! Praying...hard!

Angie said...

I heard somewhere that money grows on trees...I'll start hunting one of those up for you...I also heard that youth pastors have exorbitant salaries, but i was hitting my head against a brick wall at the time so i could me mistaken...hee hee. in all seriousness, it's "just" money and if you needed we'll get it cuz it's God's anyway and he'll give it over. keep us posted.