Thursday, April 19, 2007


Life is very difficult at the present time. I am having a difficult time keeping my head above the water. I am keeping it above water, even though I think that I have went under a few times and am bobbling up and down as I float down the river.

So, what is occurring at the present time. Everything really.

We are in the midst of moving from one ministry to three. The planning is becoming time consumming but it is coming along. I think that this transition is going to occur w/o too much of a hitch. We have a lot more ministry opportunities for adults and the positions are getting filled.

My wife is not feeling good and the news does not seem to be getting better. I am wanting / hoping / praying that an answer will come soon for her health. The doctors here seem to have given up on her. They have labeled her "the problem child". Thus, they are sending her to Indy. Hopefully, the specialtiest will be able to figure out a solution.

This weekend is going to be a crazy weekend. We have a confirmation retreat this weekend. My wife may be going to the doc / hospital. My kids are going to be in different homes and individuals will be checking in with my wife. On Sunday, we have church / young adult ss / youth ministry at night.

I want to thank all my YMX friends, my church family for their (your) prayers and supports. They are greatly appreciated. The schedule is a little hecting with taking care of family matters and keeping the ministry afloat. Thanks for helping me keep my sanity.


Marianne said...

you are in my thoughts and prayers.. Please let me know if I can do anything for you and your family... love ya

Jeff Greathouse said...

Thanks. I just got home from the hospital - surgery went good.

The kids are being taken care of by other church members - thanks.

Thanks to the adults who are covering for me this weekend at Anderson.