Thursday, April 12, 2007

3 and Done

This is my third and final test. So, here is the score card:

Jones Test: No Clue What It Means

Vocab Test: B- was the story of my life

Number Test: I don't think So ...

You Are 6: The Loyalist

You have strong relationships and are intensely loyal.

People find you easy to love and care for.

You like your world to be stable and secure, no surprises.

You're cautious. You prefer your inner circle to the outside world.

Gonna grab me a cookie and slide into bed and watch Baseball Tonight till I go to ZZZZ land. Or maybe I will put it on Nick @ Night

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Anonymous said...

This is off topic, but I wanted to ask you....

please write about Ghandi, and what he said about Jesus and his followers. Would you mind sharing stuff like that, to help us learn how to be like that in the midst of this? Thanks.

Sara Orange