Monday, April 30, 2012

The Ministry Search

Over the last two and a half months, I have been searching for a new ministry position. It has been quite a journey. If everything goes well, I think that it will end by the end of the month; but there is definitely not a certainty that will occur.

The reason that I believe that this will be the month is the following:

On May 8th, I have an on-site interview with a church in Madison, Wisconsin area. On May 10th, I am receiving a phone call from a church in the Evansville, Indiana area on who they chose; their search process is finishing up this week. Then, I have an onsite interview (final candidates) with a church in the greater Cleveland area.

In addition to those, I have set interviews this coming Thursday with another church in the greater Cleveland area, plus a church in Springfield, Illinois. In addition to those, I have had interviews with churches in Denver, Colorado and another central Indiana church that have not "eliminated" me.

If we have multiple options, the decision will be hard and much discernment will have to occur. Not only are the churches in different areas of the country, they are different denominations and different ministry positions. That may seem a little odd, but when I entered into the search; I wanted to cast the net far and deep and really not "exclude" or "close" doors. I thought that this would allow God to show me the path that we as a family need to take.

During the process, I have shared bits and pieces on facebook, but I have not shared exact towns, churches or denominations; more of a personal choice and trying to be a little precautions. Individuals have asked me if I have ranked the churches. In a sense, yes, but that ranking is not firm. They shift and change a little with more information that comes to the table.

Location plays a part, salary and benefits play a part, ministry role plays a part, church staff plays a part, the senior pastor plays a big part and the children, youth, adults that I have met play into the equation as well.

Right now, I am looking forward to the interviews on Thursday and I think the telling week of May 6th where I will have two on-site final interviews and hear from a church on their decision.

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