Wednesday, December 22, 2010

The Surgery

Yesterday, Bethany came from the hospital after her surgery and 5 days of recovery. The 5-days was a very long journey and definitely could not be captured in a paragraph or two. But, I will place a quick summary here. Of course, if you are a "friend" on facebook, you know the story since I gave numerous updates a day.

The surgery last about 4 hours and all reports were that the surgery went excellent. Not long after the surgery and visiting her, I went home to be w/ the boys and Stacey and her mom stayed at the hospital on Thursday night. I received a phone call during the middle of night from Stacey and things were not going too well (high pain) and there seemed to be a lack of communication between hospital/surgeon/those taking care of her. On Friday morning, correction on meds and pain management became involved and her attitude went up and her pain levels went down.

Later on in the day, we found out that it was a protocol issue that occurred because the surgeon was new to Riley and how "orders" are done is slightly different. It was a nightmare of 14 hours and Bee should have not had to go through it. We fell through a crack. But, she was now having all the care needed and the hospital was putting plans into place that this would never happen again.

Throughout this though the nurses on her floor and who took care of her were top-notched and ROCKED and took super-good care of her.

On Saturday, she began her physical therapy,. We also learned that during the surgery, the surgeon was not only able to put the rods in and secure them correctly; he was also able to move the curvature of her spine during this surgery. The % was going to happen later down the road. So, she was in a little more pain because of that, but this will make her future recovery so much better.

The next two days was her practicing walking and for her to go from IV meds to oral meds. She did great. We brought her home yesterday and she did great. She sat up in the chair for awhile. She then set up in a wheel chair to play Wii. The wheel chair is for longer excursions (museum and zoo trips). She moved around the house with the walker with no problems.

The one thing that she is happy about; she grew two inches so she is closer to getting out of her booster :)

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