Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Bethany -------- Surgery

Tomorrow morning, we are waking up early in the morning and taking Bethany down to the hospital for major surgery. She is having spine surgery for her scoliosis. The surgical procedure should take about 4 hours. The doctor wants to get her up and moving as soon as possible but she will have a "recovery" of 9-12 months before she can resume regular activities.

Last night was a little rough on me as I did a "normal" activity with her. I "potato'd sacked" her to bed. After the surgery, I will not be able to do that. We will have to come up with something different after the surgery.

Also, I really am struggling inside at times because of the fact that she is having to have this surgery due to her having NF. I am the one that passed it on to her. I know many people say that I can and should not blame my self, but it is hard.

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