Tuesday, September 22, 2009

SNL: Night One

Well, about 48 hours ago, we had our first Sunday Night Live. It went really well overall. We had 55 people that came out for the evening.

Big Group time ( K-6th grade and their parents ) went well and that is one segment that I was a little worried about. But, the video songs seemed to work, the interaction with the crowd was good and the bible story and video brought home the lesson.

They even were "tuned" in as I was speaking about the three pillars that we are basing the ministry on. The three pillars are wisdom, friendship, and faith.

After big group time, the kids have an option of church notes or bible connection. Each one of them was successful even though there was a glitch in the teaching rotation for the bible connection. An early hiccup (small problem) may occur with church notes though. I am meeting with Daphne on Thursday morning to go over this issue. The hiccup is the number of students and the age range. Thus, we may need to see about "adding" a group - multiplying it to two groups.

I did have an issue or two that were brought up by council last night in regards to the ministry and how it was launched. I am taking some deep breaths on the issue and trying not to focus on it and trying to build upon the positives and working on week two.

This week, I am writing personalized letters th those families who came to SS last year but did not come to SNL. I do not want to lose these families and I want them there (need them there) to help make SNL a success. But, we have to keep moving forward and reaching out to those in our community.

If you want to see some pic from opening night, take a look here.